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Dr. Manmohan Singh

Novartis Vaccines


Email: manmohan.singh@novartis.com


1992 Ph.D., Pharmaceutics, National Institute of Immunology, India

1988 M.S., Pharmaceutics, Sagar University, India

1986 B.S., Pharmacy, Sagar University, India

Publications (selected)

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  2. Helson R, Olszewska W, Singh Manmohan, Megede JZ, Melero J.A., O’Hagan D, Openshaw P.J. Polylactide-co-glycolide (PLG) microparticles modify the immune response to DNA vaccination.Vaccine(2008) 6;26(6):753-761.
  3. Padma Malyala, James Chesko, Mildred Ugozzoli, Amanda Goodsell, Fengmin Zhou, Michael Vajdy, Derek T. O’Hagan and Manmohan SinghThe potency of the adjuvant, CpG oligos, is enhanced by encapsulation in PLG microparticles.Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. (2008) 97 (3),1155-1164.
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