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Dr. Seong S. Shim
Louis Stokes Cleveland V.A. Medical Center, USA

Email: Seong.Shim@va.gov, sshim1121@yahoo.com

1994  Fellowship, Schizophrenia Research Program, Yale University
1992  Residency, Yale University, School of Medicine
1991  Residency, Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine
1989  Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine
1980  M.D, Chung-Ang University, Medical College
1975  B.A, Chung-Ang University, Medical College

Publications (Selected)

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  7. Nocjar C., Hammonds M.D., Shim S.S.: Chronic lithium treatment magnifieslearning in rats. Neuroscience 2007;150:774-788.
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  13. Shim S. S.: Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia: Strategies for RecognizingSchizophrenia and Treating to Remission. Psychiatric Times August, 2009.

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