Dr. Satish Kumar

Department of Human Genetics & South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA

Associate Professor



Ph.D., University of Delhi

M.Sc., Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi

B.Sc., University of Delhi

Publications (selected)

  1. Kumar S, Curran JE, Williams-Blangero S, Glahn DC, Blangero J. Efficient generation of functional hepatocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells for disease modeling and disease gene discovery. Springer Protocols, In Press.
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  5. Kumar S, Curran JE, Glahn DC, Blangero J (2016) Utility of lymphoblastoid cell lines for induced pluripotent stem cell generation. Stem Cell Int. 2016: 2349261, 20 pages. PMCID: PMC4914736.
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  12. Kumar S, Bellis C, Zlojutro M, Melton P, Blangero J, and Curran JE (2011) Large scale mitochondrial sequencing in Mexican Americans suggests a reappraisal of Native American origins. BMC Evol Biol, 11(1): 293. PMCID: PMC3217880.

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