Dr. Zhenwei You

Associate Professor, Director of Product Research Centre,

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China



2013 Ph.D., Chiba University, Japan

Publications (selected)

  1. Zhenwei You, Wenjun Hou, Xiaochun Wang, Jinsheng Ma, And Jian Liu,Design Strategies For Developing Sustainable Consumer Electronics, Journal of Residuals Science & Technology, Volume 13, Supplement 2, 2016, pp.219-22.
  2. Zhenwei You, Yi Zheng, Jian Liu, Shun Zhang, Wei Sun And Wenjun Hou, Solar Water Purification System Design: Application Study in Lake Taihu, China, Journal of Residuals Science & Technology, Vol. 14, No. 1, 2017, pp.363-369.
  3. Zhenwei You, Jian Liu, Jun Dai, Wei Liu, Wu Song, Xiaochun Wang, Chang Zhang, BP Neural Network-Based Smog Environment And The Risk Model Of Mood Driving, Applied Ecology And Environmental Research, 15(3), 2017, pp:1753-1763.
  4. Zhenwei You, Shinichi Koyama, and Haruo Hibino. Positive Impacts of Service System Design on Users. Bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Science of Design, 59 (4), 71-78, July, 2012.2.
  5. Zhenwei You, Xiaofan Zhang, Chun-Hsien Chen, Kenta Ono, Haruo Hibino, and Shinichi Koyama. Impact of Relevant Knowledge on Purchase Intention of Plant- Factory-Produced Plants. Focusing on Modern Food Industry, 2(2), 63-69, May, 2013.
  6. Zhenwei You, and Xiaofan Zhang. Informational vs. Emotional Appeals of logo design in influencing vegetables purchase. International Journal of Advances in Psychology, 2(4), 224-231, November, 2013.4.
  7. Yafei Ou, Xiaochun Wang, Zhenwei You, Jian Liu, Exhibition Space Design Research Based on Service Design Thinking: Viewing the Beijing Rehabilitation Technical Aids for Aging Exhibition Hall as an Exemplar, Art and Design Review, 2017, 5(3):152-161.
  8. Xiaoou Chen, Xiaochun Wang, Zhenwei You, Jian Liu, Design of Interactive Tutorials on Mobile Applications for Chinese Middle-Aged and Older Adults, Art and Design Review, 2017, 5(3):162-180.
  9. Ying Xing, Zhenwei You, Bo Zhang, Mengke Yang, City Water Demand Forecasting Based on Improved BP Neural Network, Journal of residuals science and technology, 2017, 14(S1):S111-S117.
  10. Xiaofan Zhang, Zhenwei You, Haruko Hibino, Shinichi Koyama, Contribution of Food Commercials ’ Informational/Emotional Appeals to Japanese Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention, International Journal of Affective Engineering, Vol.13 No.1 (Special Issue) pp.43-50, 2014.
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