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Dr. Changwon Yoo

Department Of Biostatistics

Florida International University, USA

Email: cyoo@fiu.edu



2003 Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, USA

1997 M.S., Harvard University, USA

1991 B.S., KyungHee University, Korea

Publications (Selected)

  1. M. Kang, M. Kim, MS Choo, J. Bae, JH Ku, C. Yoo and SJ Oh, Association of high bladder neck elevation with urodynamic bladder outlet obstruction in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms/benign prostatic hyperplasia. Urology (Impact Factor: 4.52), In Press.
  2. C. Yoo and J. Pfau, Bayesian probabilistic statistical model for asbestos-associated autoimmunity risk assessment, Advances and Applications in Statistics, Accepted, In Press, 2014.
  3. J. Jung, S. Cho, C. Yoo, S. Oh, Establishment of the Novel Cystoscopic Classification for bladder Trabeculation of Neurogenic Bladder, Urology (Impact Factor: 4.52); 84(3):515-519. DOI: 10.1016/j.urology.2014.05.015, 09/2014.
  4. T. Samikkannu, Kurapati V. K. Rao,  H. Ding,  M. Agudelo,  A. D. Raymond,  C. Yoo  and M.P.N. Nair. Immunopathogenesis of HIV Infection in Cocaine Users: Role of Archidonic Acid, PLOS One (Impact Factor: 4.24), DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0106348, August, 2014.
  5. M. Agudelo, P. Khatavkar, A. Yndart, C. Yoo, R. Rosenberg, J.G. Dévieux, R.M. Malow, M. Nair, Alcohol Abuse and HIV infection: Role of DRD2, Current HIV research (Impact Factor: 2.35), PMID:25053368, July 2014.
  6. C. Yoo, L. Ramirez, J. Liuzzi, Big data analysis using modern statistical and machine learning methods in medicine, International neurourology journal 18 (2), 50-57, 2014.
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