Modern Research in Inflammation

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Article Processing Charges

Modern Research in Inflammationis an Open Access journal accessible for free on the Internet. At Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP), we guarantee that no university library or individual reader will ever have to buy a subscription or pay any pay-per-view fees to access articles in the electronic version of journal. There is hence no income at SCIRP that comes from selling any forms of subscriptions to this electronic version of journal or from pay-per-view fees. In order to cover the costs induced by editorial procedures, routine operation of the journals, processing of manuscripts through peer-reviews, and the provision and maintenance of a publication infrastructure, the journal chargesarticleprocessing feethat can normally be defrayedby the author's institution or research funds.

Manuscript Page (as per the typeset proof)

Article Processing Charges

Paper within ten printed pages


Additional page charge above ten

$50 for eachadditional page

Publication Fee Assistance to Authors from Low Income Countries

To minimize publication barriers, SCIRP offers 20% discount off the regular article processing charges for the authors from low income countries on this list

Very rarely, APCs for these authors may even be waived in case of a manuscript of exceptional quality combined with author's hardship. 

In all cases, the acceptance of manuscripts for publication is decided on the sole basis of quality of scholarship and editorial criteria.