Fundamentalism as a Specific Form of Islamism

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The article is taken as its starting point from the concept of “strong religion” in which the phenomenon of fundamentalism develops trying to circumscribe it in its specific theoretical and practical sphere, analysing its genesis, the modalities of development and its consequences. The fundamentalism is often used in reference to things and facts that have little to do with what is authentically meant by fundamentalism. First of all it is our task in this article to understand the true nature and possible consequences of fundamentalism in our age. The analysis that is developed in this article mainly refers to fundamentalism in the Islamic context, presenting Islam as a specific form of fundamentalism in its main characteristics: structural, ideological and organizational. Finally, one wonders if another Islam is possible and if it is able to prevail, stopping the current trends in terms of radicalization and violence.

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Canzano, A. (2019) Fundamentalism as a Specific Form of Islamism. Advances in Applied Sociology, 9, 379-391. doi: 10.4236/aasoci.2019.98028.

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