Obstacle Avoidance Gloves for the Blind Based on Ultrasonic Sensor

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Ranging based on the reflection principle of ultrasonic wave propagating in the air has been widely used in modern life, such as car reversing radar, robot automatic obstacle avoidance etc. Aiming at the situation that the blinds have no way to know whether there are obstacles or big safety risks in front of them when they are walking, this paper designed obstacle avoidance gloves for the blinds based on ultrasonic sensors. With Arduino Nano single chip microcomputer as main controller, combined with ultrasonic sensor module, bluetooth module and speaker module, the glove realized the function of obstacle detection and alarm. The main working principle is by using the ultrasonic sensors to transmit and receive ultrasonic, the time difference for transmitting and receiving to detect the distance of obstacles ahead. Besides, by means of voice module output audio signals with different frequency according to the obstacle distance, the blinds can judge the distance between them to the obstacles based on the sound with different frequencies they heard. In this way, they can make responses in advance to avoid the obstacles ahead and the happening of the risk.

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Zhou, R. (2019) Obstacle Avoidance Gloves for the Blind Based on Ultrasonic Sensor. Intelligent Control and Automation, 10, 107-117. doi: 10.4236/ica.2019.103007.

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