Study on Production Regulation of Reservoir under Different Demand

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Natural gas production is related to the demand for gas, which is low in summer and high in winter. While the gas storage is still being demonstrated and constructed, oil and gas fields should formulate and implement production control schemes suitable for gas reservoirs. The realization of natural gas production can not only meet the demand of gas consumption, but also ensure the scientific and efficient development of gas reservoirs, and meet the needs of dynamic analysis of gas reservoirs at different development stages and scientific research of gas reservoirs. In this paper, KAPPA Workstation 5.20 software is used to determine the inflow dynamic model of a single well. The nodal method is used to determine the reasonable production and peak shaving capacity in combination with the critical fluid carrying capacity of gas wells and the erosion rate of gas wells. The reasonable production allocation in each period, i.e. the production control scheme, is obtained. It solves the scientific and efficient development of natural gas in X gas field, which is still under the construction of gas storage, and provides guidance for gas reservoir development management and regulation.

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Tan, J. , Sun, E. , Wang, W. , Guo, J. and Yang, W. (2019) Study on Production Regulation of Reservoir under Different Demand. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 7, 39-49. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2019.77004.

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