Oxytocin Massage Can Expedite the Time of Colostrum Discharge in the Post Section Caesarian

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The production of breast milk is physiologically influenced by prolactin hormone and breast milk is influenced by oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin massage can increase the oxytocin hormone. The increase in the oxytocin hormone can expedite the time of colostrum. The use of drugs in the post section cesarean (SC) will inhibit the formation of breast milk production. Oxytocin massage is one of the efforts to expedite the release of colostrum. Purpose: To analyze the implementation of oxytocin massage in accelerating the release of colostrum in post-SC and the effect of oxytocin massage, breast care and the frequency of breastfeeding simultaneously to accelerate the release of colostrum. Method: The design used quasi-experiment. The population were post-SC with a sample of 60 people (30 post-SC were treated with oxytocin massage and 30 post-SC were not treated). Both groups were interviewed and observed in breast care, the frequency of breastfeeding and the time of first colostrum discharge. Result: Analysis used independent T-test and double linear regression test with α = 0.05. The results showed significantly that expedite time of colostrum in the post SC group with oxytocin massage occurred 23.04 hours faster than the controlled group who were not treated with oxytocin massage and post SC who were given oxytocin massage accompanied by breastfeeding their babies as often as possible to be faster 2.6 hours when the colostrum was released with α value < 0.05. Conclusion: Massage oxytocin speeds up the release of colostrum in the post SC.

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Resmana, R. and Hadianti, D. (2019) Oxytocin Massage Can Expedite the Time of Colostrum Discharge in the Post Section Caesarian. Open Journal of Nursing, 9, 757-764. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2019.97057.

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