Reconfigurable Multi-Butterfly Parallel Radix-r FFT Processor

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The design of reconfigurable multi-butterfly parallel radix-r FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) processors is proposed. FFT is widely used in signal processing, and the application needs real-time and high performance, while most of the traditional designs are limited to the power of two, which wastes the buffers and multipliers in big data. In response to the problem, we improve the parallel FFT algorithm with the design of reconfigurable control machine combined with buffer/multiplier, and the cost function with the input of radix/number/paddling number/time consuming is deduced. Constrained with the number of buffer and multipliers, the radix and number can be computed with the optimum cost function, and the resolution space of computing performance and hardware cost is presented. The proposed guarantees the real-time performance with better flexibility compared with the previous literature, and the comparison also suggests the effectiveness of the design.

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Yu, J. , Cheng, B. , Li, Z. , Liu, W. and Wang, L. (2019) Reconfigurable Multi-Butterfly Parallel Radix-r FFT Processor. Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing, 7, 91-107. doi: 10.4236/jdaip.2019.73006.

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