Synthesis of ZnS:Tm3+ Nanoparticles by the Polyol Method

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In this work, the synthesis of undoped and Tm-doped ZnS nanoparticles is successfully carried out by the polyol method. From XRD analyses, it was confirmed that both types of particles possess the cubic zinc blend structure of the ZnS, and that the structure is not altered by doping. The crystallite size computed by the Scherrer equation is about 9 ± 1 nm. From photoluminescence analyses, the results show that the excitation spectrum has two excitation peaks at 304 nm and 356 nm; by exciting at 304 nm, a strong blue emission is observed at 420 nm, while exciting at 356 nm the characteristic Tm transition 1G4 3H6 is observed at 417 nm. By doping with Tm ions, the emission color changes from pure blue to sky according to the change in CIE coordinates from x = 0.15, y = 0.015 to x = 0.18, y = 0.17, respectively.

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Rodriguez, F. , Reyes, J. , Medina, D. , Barron, M. and Haro-Perez, C. (2019) Synthesis of ZnS:Tm3+ Nanoparticles by the Polyol Method. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 9, 613-619. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2019.97049.

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