Implementation of ZigBee Network Layer Based on AODVjr and Tree Hirarchical Route Algorisms
Qiyong Pan, Jin Wu, Yihuai Wang, Jingfei Ni
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The basic functions and the relative concepts of ZigBee network are analyzed in this paper. The implementation method of ZigBee network layer is proposed, it includes how to build a new network, add a node to the network, send data and receive data. The distributing address assigning mechanism, the tree hierarchical route algorism and AODVjr algorism are implemented. Finally, the ZigBee network layer protocol is tested.

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Pan, Q. , Wu, J. , Wang, Y. and Ni, J. (2011) Implementation of ZigBee Network Layer Based on AODVjr and Tree Hirarchical Route Algorisms. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 4, 487-490. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2011.48056.

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