An Extensive Cholesteatoma with Bezold’s Abscess
Norhafiza Mat Lazim, Asma Abdullah
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Cholesteatoma has been known to be associated with multiple complications either extracranially or intracranially. Among the extracranial complications, mastoiditis and mastoid abscess are the most common. Bezold’s abscess formation with cholesteatoma is a rare occurrence but when present can lead to sinister sequalae if not properly managed. The treatment of cholesteatoma is mainly by surgical exploration namely mastoidectomy. The aim of treatment is to eradicate the diseased mastoid and to prevent subsequent complications. Beside surgical intervention, the patient will also require intensive systemic and topical antibiotic therapy. With proper treatment patient will be hindered from experiencing unwanted complications.

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N. Lazim and A. Abdullah, "An Extensive Cholesteatoma with Bezold’s Abscess," International Journal of Clinical Medicine, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2011, pp. 292-294. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2011.23049.

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