A Novel Cross-Layer Scheduling Algorithm for OFDMA-Based WiMAX Networks
Ronak Farhadi, Vahid Tabataba Vakili, Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam
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IEEE 802.16e based WiMAX networks promise a desirable available quality of service for mobile users and scheduling algorithms provide the best effective use of network resources in it. In this paper, we propose a novel cross-layer scheduling algorithm for OFDMA-based WiMAX networks. Our scheme employs a priority function at the MAC layer and a slot allocation policy at physical layer and by interaction between these two layers specifies the best allocation for each connection. Simulation results show performance of proposed scheme in comparison with two other well-known scheduling algorithms, MAX-SNR scheduling and Proportional Fairness (PF) scheduling. Our proposed cross-layer algorithm outperforms the other algorithms in delay and packet loss rate values for real-time services.

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R. Farhadi, V. Vakili and S. Moghaddam, "A Novel Cross-Layer Scheduling Algorithm for OFDMA-Based WiMAX Networks," International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, Vol. 4 No. 2, 2011, pp. 98-103. doi: 10.4236/ijcns.2011.42012.

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