Research On College Tennis Intensive Courses Online Teaching Design: Taking Jiangxi Normal University as an Example


Physical intensive course construction is an important component of the teaching quality and teaching reform in colleges and universities. In this study, after reviewingliterature and applying computer network technology, PPT, Authorware, Flash, Windows movie maker, dartfish, super king and other educational softwares, taking Jiangxi Normal University college tennis intensive courses as an example, we research on how to design an online platform for the college tennis intensive course in a university.  In tennis professional intensive courses online teaching design, we must first recognize that tennis is a sports skills curriculum based on body movements as the carrier, commonly known as "technology class”. Secondly, teachers should effectively use information equipment and information resources, so that they can have the abilities to process information, create new information, and do research. They should also focus on teaching objectives. Network instructional designrequires students to actively participate in the interaction and form their own characteristics and style. Thirdly, making an interactive platform of the students' skill level evaluation and diagnosis can avoid students' cognitive performance remaining at an only digital cinema demo viewing stage, thus achieving scientificalness, consistency, and effectiveness in the tennis teaching evaluation. In the future, the construction of the university physical intensive courses, applications and practice of online teaching design requires constantly integration and innovation from teaching concepts, theoretical models and change in methods.

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Guo, K. , Pu, J. & Chen, Z. (2012). Research On College Tennis Intensive Courses Online Teaching Design: Taking Jiangxi Normal University as an Example. Creative Education, 3, 52-56. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.38B012.

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