Liquid Scintillation Spectroscopy of 227Ac and Daughters


In order to find a fast and reliable method for measurements of organic and aqueous liquid phases containing a- and b-emitters in mixtures we developed a method based on Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) using Quantulus Low Level Spectrometer. The use of low level LSC instead of g-spectroscopy allows reduced sample activity, shorter count rates and use of sample changer. This is of great advantage when many samples have to be measured during a short time period. The main nuclides of interest were 227Ac and 223Ra. 227Ac does not have any appropriate g-radiation, therefore measurements of the nuclei of interest must be based on a- and b-spectroscopy. In this study, it is shown that analyses of the radionuclidic purity of the liquid phases could be determined by a- and b-spectroscopy with Quantulus.

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Ø. Eriksen, D. , Ryningen, B. , Schoultz, B. , Salberg, G. and H. Larsen, R. (2012) Liquid Scintillation Spectroscopy of 227Ac and Daughters. Journal of Analytical Sciences, Methods and Instrumentation, 2, 33-36. doi: 10.4236/jasmi.2012.21007.

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