The association between the allelic state of Vp-1B and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in red-seeded hexaploid triticale


The core collection of red-seeded winter hexaploid triticale with different pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resistance has been evaluated for the allelic structure of the gene VIVIPAROUS-1B (Vp-1B) with STS molecular marker. The discovered structure of the collection was as follows: 50.0% and 41.7% of the collection carries Vp-1 and Vp-1Bc alleles, respectively, while 8,3% possesses both of them. As a result of the seed color estimation, the collection has been divided into two groups: with dark red seeds and light red seeds. The allele Vp-1Bc has appeared to be associated with PHS resistance while Vp-1Ba with PHS susceptibility in the triticale accessions with light red seeds only. The influence of the seed color and allelic state of Vp-1B on PHS resistance in triticale is discussed.

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Divashuk, M. , Mayer, N. , Kroupin, P. , Rubets, V. , Pylnev, V. , Tkhi Tkhu Lin, N. , Soloviev, A. and Karlov, G. (2012) The association between the allelic state of Vp-1B and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in red-seeded hexaploid triticale. Open Journal of Genetics, 2, 51-55. doi: 10.4236/ojgen.2012.21006.

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