Design of Overall Slope Angle and Analysis of Rock Slope Stability of Chadormalu Mine Using Empirical and Numerical Methods


In engineering projects associated with rock mechanic science like open pit mines, assessment and slope stability of mine walls is one of the important performance in generate of these structures. Estimating and knowledge of stable slope angle is one of main parts that should be occurring to special attention in open pit mines studies phase. Considering the importance of economic costs in mining issues, the need for appropriate design slope angle that can cause an adverse minimize project costs and throws the other hand, the stability conditions in the safe walls of the mine life will provide essential and seems obvious. Therefore, in this study to determine the optimal slope angle of overall and bench of west wall of the Chadormalu ore iron mine, has been trying, first, done field studies on the discontinuity of western wall, engineering classification and geomechanical properties of rock masses of wall, then assess the amount of optimal slope angle using empirical method. Finally, in order to ensure stability and accuracy of the wall slope angle based on the obtained (empirical method) tries to analysis is amount of Factor of Safety (FOS), displacements and mean stress condition atwalls calculated from drilling use Phase2D powerful software.

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M. Maleki, M. Mahyar and K. Meshkabadi, "Design of Overall Slope Angle and Analysis of Rock Slope Stability of Chadormalu Mine Using Empirical and Numerical Methods," Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 9, 2011, pp. 965-971. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.39119.

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