The Influence of Network Technology on Higher Educational Management and Its Optimization Method
Yong Liu*
China West Normal University, Nanchong, China.
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The development of information technology and the coming of the era of knowledge economy have accelerated the upgrade of internet technology and let network technology walk into all walks of life as well as brought our life new influence. On the level of higher educational management, the internet information and multimedia technology play a more and more important role and they play an irreplaceable role in the reform of education management mode and the optimization of teaching contents.

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Liu, Y. (2015) The Influence of Network Technology on Higher Educational Management and Its Optimization Method. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 242-247. doi: 10.4236/jss.2015.39032.

1. Introduction

The computer and multimedia network technology play a very important role in current modern education in colleges and universities. The new teaching by using two of them has made traditional education form, method, and content as well as mode change tremendously and at the same time, make the quality of teaching and classroom efficiency improved dramatically. In short, the influence of exploration and analysis of the network technology on university education contributes to further improving the level of university education management and promoting the deepening of educational reform.

The effect of the internet on education cannot be replaced by other industries. As the main tool for education and an important medium of information spreading in today’s society, network technology has changed the education management mode. Before, schools and parents who took education management responsibilities passed experience with the method of experience infusion, and at that time the content of transfer was limited and constrained by time and space. The application of network technology let the form of university education management more diverse. At this time, if teachers still use the educational mode before, it can lead to the fact that the knowledge mastered by students has limitation [1] .

Looking from the direction of educational development, the university education management mode has suffered obvious impact after the coming and popularization of network technology. As a tool of education or communications media, the emergence of network makes the education transmission way reformed significantly. So to speak, the popularization of network breaks the limitation of knowledge spreading to some extent and lets it be another important way of delivery after the appearance of paper. Meanwhile, the internet also affects the content of higher educational management and lets it no longer confined to books, but uses the richness and immediacy of internet resources to realize the divergence of students’ thinking and the expansion of knowledge capacity. At this moment, we must consider students’ original knowledge domain and individual learning ability and personality traits and regard students’ fairly strong receptivity as the standard of management and measurement of information and fully excavate the promoting effect of network technology on educational management.

2. The Influence of Network Technology on Higher Educational Management

Network technology has a very important influence on university education management mode. To some extent, the popularization of network technology has influenced the way and efficiency of management, so the development and effects of network technology must be envisaged. We must start from the change of university management to study the influence mode of network technology.

2.1. The Change of Higher Educational Management Mode

The first is the change of education teaching form. Looking from the way of knowledge spreading, traditional form of education uses printed books as the main study materials, and their contents are relatively immobilized and scarce. Besides, with slow update frequency, it is difficult from them to meet the requirements of students to acquire knowledge. With the development of information technology, especially the network technology, because affected by the update of information technology, the way of imparting knowledge has changed a lot. For example, all kinds of multimedia equipment walk into university classrooms and make it possible for situational teaching and online education. The vigorous promotion of multimedia network technology teaching makes teaching form not only retain all the advantages of traditional teaching, but also become more vivid and intuitive as well as more convincing, which make classroom environment more relax and students’ interests for subjects are stronger. At this moment, educational management work and teaching process combine together organically. The update of teaching form makes students more willing to accept management. At the same time, it reduces the difficulty of management to a certain degree [2] .

The second is the change of teaching mode. The internet age requires people to have closed and open thinking mode, which can facilitate the exchange of information and resources. In traditional university education, teaching activity is confined to relatively closed spaces of teaching building, laboratory and library and largely limited by time and space. But with the rise of multimedia network technology, students can learn online in campus multimedia classroom as well as in dormitory and home. In addition, they can combine their research and learning needs to break through the limitation of the original teaching mode, which make them have new thought of exploration thinking.

The third is the change of teaching method and teaching content. Traditional teaching method gives priority to teachers’ teaching. Students only learn the knowledge taught by teachers, blindly copying textbook content. The monotonous teaching mode is easy to make the classroom in silent atmosphere and affect classroom climate. Now multi-media classroom can vividly display learning content and turn silent words into language, re-appear Chinese situation, and use visual image to arouse students’ desire for knowledge, drive students’ emotion to create favorable conditions for the interaction between teachers and students. In the meantime, teaching contents have changed with the teaching mode. The combination among it and the development of science and technology and the era is closer with more timeliness, openness and interactivity. In network information age, with the help of internet, knowledge expands continuously and online learning resources make students can learn more independently and flexibly. Websites such as CNKI and Chaoxing can provide students with richer learning contents and make today’s university education management more novel.

2.2. University Education Management Form Gradually Enriching

The development of network technology makes the form and content of university management richer. With the application and popularization of network technology, college teaching and teaching contents become faster, richer and more reasonable under the advance of computer technology. At this time, university education management begins to gradually get rid of pure human management mode and turn towards informatization and intellectualization. So to speak, the emergence of internet not only saves human resources but also improves the work efficiency of higher educational management [3] . The emergence of automatic office system, the data mation of archives management and the development of informatization let staff improve and enrich themselves in the process of continuous thinking and exploring and reduce their workload and to some extent increase the difficulty of their management.

2.3. Education Teaching Form Turning from One Dimension to Multi Dimension

To some degree, the change of teaching form is the figurative expression of information progress, from projector, slide projector walking into classrooms, to the application of tape recorder, sound lab applying in language teaching, and then to film, VCR and broadcast and TV education and now developing to networked multimedia teaching. With more diverse teaching methods, teachers can adopt different teaching forms for classrooms of different subjects and contents. At this time, students’ administrative work is no longer the problem that we must solve face to face, but can be realized by using internet, student associations and online information platform. Network makes the transfer of teaching information faster and the space of information exchange become broader and lets the way of student management more diversified. Meanwhile, the change from one dimension to multi dimension also brings network information technology wider application space.

Looking from another level, the development of internet technology also changes the university education from closed mode to open mode. One-dimensional teaching mode is relatively closed and the exchange of information at this time is also the least. But now, internet technology lets administrators integrate information and collect data in an open environment and realize the maximum development of information efficiency. Students’ knowledge acquisition space gradually walks out of the campus. Learning consciousness and learning methods expand continuously [4] . And then students can implement open learning with internet information as the carrier and enter the era of learning.

2.4. School-Running Form of University Education Gradually Develops towards Diversification

In present, the school-running task undertook by universities is no longer limited by related provisions of education sectors. Looking from some levels, universities depending on the support and promotion of network technology have realized the improvement of their own value and it also makes its school-running form and style start to change to the level of diversity. In universities, most of the people who work on teaching and management have received higher education. Educators in this stratum can accept the changes brought by internet development for university education in a shorter period of time. On the other hand, more and more people are eager to accept university education to make up for the regret of not attending universities.

Now the informatization of management style let the efficiency of management work increase significantly. So to speak, the qualitative and quantitative combination makes latter school-running patterns more diversified as well as let students and teachers feel the changes of management work more directly. At this point, the management not only faces campus members but also begin to face the entire university community. Taking advantages of information sharing, universities can rich school-running forms through experience exchange and make its development more scientific and diversified.

3. The Promotion of Network Technology Development for Higher Educational Management

Network technology has played a very important role in promoting the learning initiative of college students. Network technology makes learning no longer limited to the classroom and also lets students gradually develop good learning habits of independent learning and active thinking. Looking from the psychology, students at this time are in the period when the consciousness gradually matures and they begin to integrate with society. They have strong consciousness of thinking and exploring and are willing to invent and create. While the internet technology just provides enough information resources and display space for college students and lets them see information intuitively and vividly from large screen and develop the habit of thinking at the same time accepting images, video, and sound signals.

In many universities, network classrooms with growing popularity make students have the opportunity of choosing their courses independently and the space of independent US examination. With the help of internet classroom, students can finish learning courses at home or in the dormitory and through downloading and sharing resources to listen to courses repeatedly to reinforce their understanding and cognition for courses. In the meantime, network environment also makes the communications between teachers and students, and between students become easier. Learning exchange with interests is more likely to bear fruits, which is more suitable for the requirements of personality development of university students.

Furthermore, the internet technology development also promotes the integration of education and management. New ways of teaching depends on the internet and makes education develop towards informatization. While data information website also make the storage and processing of educational information become easier, so the information can be better preserved and move out to avoid the difficulties brought by information loss and data search. Combining the education and management work together can make management work no longer monotonous and also let educational resources acquire more support of science and technology and data [5] .

4. The Optimization Method of Higher Educational Management under the Development of Internet Technology

In the era when network technology is gradually mature and popular, the daily management and education work of universities must always keep an upright and positive attitude. In facing of the changes brought by internet technology, they must make efforts to overcome the negative influence of internet technology and fully optimize the management level of universities to improve the effectiveness of network technology in higher educational management.

4.1. Change Educational Concept

In order to adapt to the impact of information technology, we must start from changing traditional concept of education and learning thought. Under the environment of internet technology, management will gradually become persuasion and students’ subjectivity will play and exercise in larger space. In some ways, the management is top-down while persuasion has obvious sense of equality. Turning management into persuasion gradually can fully stimulate students’ subjectivity. Under the support of internet technology, a large number of human resources are liberated and students begin to form the consciousness of self management and autonomous learning after receiving network technology and network information. Through broader platform, students can realize the improvement of self-control ability and independent thinking ability and then renovate their learning style and improve comprehensive ability. So to speak, turning educational concept into students’ self management is an innovation on skills. With the help of network, students’ self control and confining abilities improve significantly. While the higher educational management at this time better reflects the people-oriented connotation.

4.2. Vigorously Upgrading and Building Network Technology Platform

Network technology includes many aspects such as the construction of network hardware and software, network management and maintenance and the popularization of network knowledge, and it is one of the technological means widely used by all industries in the era of information technology. In universities, the development of network technology drives the improvement of level of network information technology used by school administrators and the popularization of related knowledge. Because our daily work is more and more inseparable from the help of network, network technology itself also plays an important role in the aspects of collecting and sorting, recording and storing and the experiment of information in universities. So in improving software technical strength, at the same time, we must reinforce the construction of the school network information platform to ensure synchronous development of hardware and software.

In order to facilitate the school teaching management work to go smoothly, we should set high speed and stable network in places of dormitory, teaching building, dining room and laboratory to ensure students and teachers can complete the acceptance of information at the same time of teaching, learning, experiment or taking a rest to promote the rapid development of universities. Besides, we should also strengthen the construction of wireless network platform in campus and truly achieve all-around network information platform in campus. Meanwhile, we should assign professionals to do real-time maintenance and update for network technology platform to reduce the influence of information failure on students’ normal use.

4.3. Implementing Students’ Free Course Selection

In the course management, we must consider students’ personal ability and interests and adopt teaching methods of teaching students in accordance of their aptitude and making the best use of the circumstances for their education to create conditions and make each person’s interests and strengths fully developed and satisfied. The development of network technology has created and provided possibilities for free course selection system vigorously promoted in universities. Because courses in universities consist of required courses and optional courses, public and professional basic knowledge as required courses, courses involving interest and research direction as optional courses, and optional courses allow students to select freely, choose their favorite courses and teachers and suitable class time and they can freely choose inter-disciplinary courses. Aiming at the diversity of management options brought by network technology, schools should give students more choices and larger development space, fully respect their interests and ideas and make students fulfill the work of self management and self selection through optimizing network free courses selection. At the same time, students can take advantages of network technology to view information of related courses in advance, and complete online courses selection in dormitory, library according to their own actual situation and interests. This is an upgrade in choosing teaching management and also a concrete embodiment of more humanized network technology application.

4.4. Using Network Technology to Do Students’ Ideological and Political Education Work

Looking from the aspects of function, etc, internet technology is a double-edged sword in educational reform. Only through using the network correctly, organically combining university education management work and internet technology, giving full play to its advantages can we effectively avoid the adverse effects brought by the internet. In the process of daily management, administrators must manage on the basis of correctly understanding network culture and critically inheriting the internet technology and then they can introduce students into network culture as well as give them correct guidance and help. In addition, they must guide students from the perspective of expanding channels of learning and make students apply more internet technology to learning and life to help them to establish correct outlook on life and values.

5. Conclusion

In general, the quotation of internet technology in university teaching management is very wide and important. Through optimizing the application situation of network technology in campus management, making great efforts to cultivate comprehensive talents with higher diploma, and strengthening the cultivation of ideological and moral quality of college students group, we can effectively realize the optimization of school management way. Because the development of network technology has a profound influence on college students to accept new knowledge and new ideas, under the new situation, higher educational management should inherit fine traditions as well as give full play to the unique advantages of internet technology to realize the benign development of universities.

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