Retrieval of the ground surface reflectance along coast zone and island with MODIS image
Jinji Ma, Xiaofan Li
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A new method based on lookup tables (LUTs) for retrieval of the ground surface reflectance along coastal zones and islands with MODIS (Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer) image was descibed.Through simulation of the AHMAD radiative transfer model, we can retrieve the aerosol optical character with water pixels of MODIS image. Postulating the background is cloudless and the atmosphere on the water is the same as that on the island, we can use the 6S radiative transfer model to compute the LUT about the ground surface reflectance, then use the interpolate method to get the reflectance of the ground surface along coastal zones and islands through the reflectance of the land pixels of MODIS image, the geometric condition and the aerosol optical thickness. The LUT method is applied to determine the ground surface reflectance in Xiamen’s zone from the MODIS image. At last, the results were analyzed and its expectation errors were reported.

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Ma, J. and Li, X. (2011) Retrieval of the ground surface reflectance along coast zone and island with MODIS image. Natural Science, 3, 193-198. doi: 10.4236/ns.2011.33025.

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