Evaluation of Distance Education through Blended Learning: Comparisons and Important Factors for the Learning Process


Evaluation is a complex issue with significant importance for the qualification of institutions and college education programs. In distance education, quality assessment is even more complex and important as the differences in space and time between professors and students have an impact on the learning process. A blended learning environment is one that combines distance education and face-to-face classroom instruction, and whose courses are an ideal environment for comparison with the conventional method. In this respect, this paper conducts an evaluation of blended learning through which students assess some aspects related to the development of courses and to the learning outcomes. The evaluation revealed that, in general, students considered that the face-to-face classroom contact facilitated learning and that the professor’s planning and commitment are key factors in distance education.

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Bertolin, J. and Marchi, A. (2014) Evaluation of Distance Education through Blended Learning: Comparisons and Important Factors for the Learning Process. Creative Education, 5, 70-74. doi: 10.4236/ce.2014.52012.

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