Formal Semantics of OWL-S with Rewrite Logic


SOA is built upon and evolving from older concepts of distributed computing and modular programming, OWL-S plays a key role in describing behaviors of web services, which are the essential of the SOA software. Although OWL-S has given semantics to concepts by ontology technology, it gives no semantics to control-flow and data-flow. This paper presents a formal semantics framework for OWL-S sub-set, including its abstraction, syntax, static and dynamic seman-tics by rewrite logic. Details of a consistent transformation from OWL-S SOS of control-flow to corresponding rules and equations, and dataflow semantics including “Precondition”, “Result” and “Binding” etc. are explained. This paper provides a possibility for formal verification and reliability evaluation of software based on SOA.

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Huang, N. , Wang, X. and Rocha, C. (2009) Formal Semantics of OWL-S with Rewrite Logic. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2, 25-33. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2009.21004.

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