Pulmonary tuberculosis presenting with aortic pseudoaneurysm, diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, and cardiomyopathy: Is there an intriguing relationship?


A 22-year-old Chinese man presented with fever, cough, hoarseness, neck pain, acute heart failure and hemoptysis. Pulmonary tuberculosis was proved by sputum culture. Chest imaging showed an aortic arch pseudoaneurysm and bilateral ground glass opacities. Echocardiography confirmed cardiomyopathy. With anti-TB drugs, high-dose prednisone and surgery, the life of this patient was successfully prolonged for more than four months. The concomitant disorders of aortic pseudoaneurysm, alveolar hemorrhage and cardiomyopathy in pulmonary tuberculosis are intriguing. We postulate that immune-mediated small vessel vasculitis triggered by pathogens plays an important role in the pathogenesis of this disease, rather than a direct TB infection.


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Shen, M. , Zeng, X. , Liu, X. , Liu, B. , Zhou, B. , Lin, X. and Tian, R. (2013) Pulmonary tuberculosis presenting with aortic pseudoaneurysm, diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, and cardiomyopathy: Is there an intriguing relationship?. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 2, 495-498. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2013.29129.

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