Interaction of RuO2 and Lead-Silicate Glass in Thick-Film Resistors
Gulmurza Abdurakhmanov, Gulbahor S. Vakhidova, Lutfullo X. Tursunov
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Results of investigation of X-ray diffraction, infrared and optical spectra of powders of the ruthenium dioxide, lead-silicate glass as well as their mixture before and after sintering are reported. Sintering conditions typical for thick film resistors were used. Intensity of main lines of RuO2 in X-ray diffraction patterns of sintered mixtures decreases and they slightly shift towards small angles. No new reflexes appear in these patterns. Absorbance of RuO2 in the range of 2.5-100 μm is proportional to and featureless. Infrared spectrum of lead-silicate glass has absorption bands of [SiO4]4- tetrahedra and Pb-O bonds only. Optical spectrum of RuO2 has wide absorption bands at 950 and 370 nm. Spectra of the mixture of RuO2 and glass powders before and after sintering are different indicating that there is interaction between them during the sintering process. Concentration of free charge carriers estimated from the optical spectra is about 1021 cm-3.

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Abdurakhmanov, G. , Vakhidova, G. and Tursunov, L. (2011) Interaction of RuO2 and Lead-Silicate Glass in Thick-Film Resistors. World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, 1, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/wjcmp.2011.11001.

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