Development of Wireless Light Control System Based on Zigbee


This paper presents a solution to wireless light control system based on Zigbee. Overall design framework of the system was introduced and analyzed in detail, which contained realization of hardware design. The Zigbee wireless light control system was established based on CC2430-chip of Texas Instruments (TI). In this paper, we achieved designing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for sensor nodes as end device and coordinator in Protel DXP 2004 and also wrote C codes in IAR embedded workbench development tool to form wireless network. Test results of system show that lights on end device or router in Zigbee wireless sensor networks (WSN) can be controlled by another switch on coordinator, which achieved remotely wireless intelligence light control.

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Guo, C. , Zou, X. , Ma, C. and Zhang, R. (2013) Development of Wireless Light Control System Based on Zigbee. Communications and Network, 5, 29-33. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.51B008.

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