Awareness and use of cardiovascular risk scores by family physicians in southeastern Ontario


Background: Our objective was to determine the assessment of cardiovascular risk by family physicians. Methods: A questionnaire was sent by mail or fax regarding both awareness and use of the various CV risk scores in southeastern Ontario. Results: Of 181 family physicians surveyed, 96% were aware of at least one CV risk score and 40% were aware of the JUPITER study. Despite this awareness, 72% simply counted risk factors to assess risk, rather than to calculate risk using established scoring methods. Only 23% used the JUPITER study criteria. This suggests an under-estimated of overall CV risk by family physician’s practicing in southeastern Ontario. Interpetation: Cardiovascular risk in primary care is being underestimated in southeastern Ontario. Additional knowledge translation strategies are required to enhance the family physician’s awareness and use of established risk scoring methods if we are to reduce the burden of CV disease.

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Matangi, M. , Armstrong, D. , Johri, A. , Jurt, U. , Hollett, P. , Del Grande, R. , DeYoung, J. , Niznick, J. and Broiullard, D. (2013) Awareness and use of cardiovascular risk scores by family physicians in southeastern Ontario. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 3, 487-490. doi: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.38065.

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