Comprehensive laparoscopic surgical staging of ovarian dysgerminoma in a 10-year-old girl—A case report


Minimal access surgery to stage early ovarian cancer (EOC) is still regarded as an investigation among many gynecologic oncologists. This is a case of comprehensive laparoscopic surgical stage of an ovarian dysgerminoma in a 10-year-old girl described. This patient was referred to the gynecology oncology unit status post left salpingo-oophorectomy through a midline incision when the histopathology showed pure dysgerminoma. We then performed the laparoscopic stage including peritoneal washing; resection of the left infundibulopelvic ligament; systematic pelvic, common iliac, and infrarenal bilateral paraaortic lymphadenectomy; and omentectomy. The uterus and right adnexum were spared to preserve future fertility. The final histopathology showed no metastatic disease (stage ovarian dysgerminoma), and patient has no evidence of recurrence after 52 months follow up. Conclusion: This is the youngest patient reported in the literature with a comprehensive laparoscopic surgical stage for ovarian neoplasm. A full laparoscopic staging for ovarian cancer in a 10-year-old girl is safe and might be considered as an alternative to the stander of care.

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Anfinan, N. (2013) Comprehensive laparoscopic surgical staging of ovarian dysgerminoma in a 10-year-old girl—A case report. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 2, 402-404. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2013.27107.

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