Synthesis of Yb3+ Doped TiO2 Nano Particles Powder as IR Filter via Sol-Gel


Ytterbium doped TiO2 nano-particles were prepared via Sol-Gel Technique under varying conditions to investigate the effects of Ytterbium ion doping on the Titania optical properties in MID IR range. X-ray diffraction analyses show that prepared Yb3+ doped TiO2 samples have polycrystalline structure in Anatas phase. FTIR spectrums for pure and doped samples after annealing process show a single transmission peak at wave number around 1145 cm-1. Transmission rate of this peak depends on Yb3+ concentrations and its value rises from 1.82% (for pure TiO2) to 58.1% (for doped with 1.13 wt% Yb3+). Slightly peak shift occurs at a lower doping rate with no further response to higher concentration rate. FTIR spectra gives a good indication in direction of preparation of optical band-pass filter at a wavelength around 8.733 μm (~1145 cm-1).

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M. Hamza, A. Khalil and H. Yaseen, "Synthesis of Yb3+ Doped TiO2 Nano Particles Powder as IR Filter via Sol-Gel," Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 3 No. 4, 2013, pp. 214-216. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2013.34032.

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