Dorian Gray’s Spiritual Ecological Crisis and the Inspiration to Modern People


As an individual of spiritual existence, Dorian Gray, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, lacked the ability to love his lovers and friends, lost the normal aesthetic ability, failed to control his gradually increasing evil desires, so his body and soul began to go far away step by step. The imbalance and instability of his spiri-tual factors like love ethic, moral ethic, aesthetic ethic and life ethic led to the completely collapse of Dorian’s spiritual ecological system, even to his suicide. Dorian’s spiritual ecological crisis inspires the modern people a lot. It provides people with a full view of their own life style, stimulates people to pay more attention to their own spiritual ecological system, and spurs modern people on to adjust their spiritual factors in the right orbit of balance and stability. The government and the public media are supposed to play their part in keeping citizens well-informed of the potential benefit of the normal spiritual eco-logical system. Only does a person’s spiritual ecological system runs in order, he can live normally and make contributions to others, to the society.

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Tang, J. and Zhang, W. (2013) Dorian Gray’s Spiritual Ecological Crisis and the Inspiration to Modern People. Advances in Literary Study, 1, 5-9. doi: 10.4236/als.2013.12002.

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