Experimental and Parameterization Method for Evaluation of Dry Deposition of S Compounds to Natural Surfaces


This paper deals with parameterization method based on meteorological parameters for calculation of dry deposition of S compounds on natural surface (leaf of Cassia siamea) and direct measurement method. A scheme based on meteorological parameters has been evolved to calculate the dry deposition theoretically and a computer program has been developed. Experimentally dry deposition flux of S on leaf of Cassia siamea was measured by exposing the leaf surfaces on non-dewy, non-foggy and non rainy days and washing the leaf surfaces with deionised water and samples were analyzed by Dionex Dx-500 Ion Chromatograph. Atmospheric concentration of SO2 was 3.54±1.41 μg m-3 and particulate SO42- was 2.72±1.15 μg m-3. Theoretically obtained dry deposition velocity of SO2 and SO42- are 0.32 cm s-1 and 0.75cm s-1, respectively. The calculated deposition of S as total sulphate (gaseous SO2 and particulate SO42-) to Cassia leaf was 2.05±0.78mg m-2 d-1 and experimentally obtained dry deposition of S as sulphate was 1.07±1.35 mg m-2 d-1. The experimentally and theoretically obtained mean values for S as SO42- are comparable.

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R. Kumar and K. Maharaj Kumari, "Experimental and Parameterization Method for Evaluation of Dry Deposition of S Compounds to Natural Surfaces," Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2012, pp. 492-500. doi: 10.4236/acs.2012.24043.

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