Structural Deformation Monitoring and Analysis of Highway Bridge Using Accurate Geodetic Techniques


As the new materials and technologies are increasingly applied to construction of civil infrastructures such bridges, dam and tunnels, the need for structural monitoring systems, maintenance and restoration becomes more important and vital. Bridges are widespread in every society and affect its human, social, economical and cultural aspects. Measurements and monitoring of the structural deformation of highway bridges have an essential role in structural safety. This paper investigates an integrated monitoring system for estimation of the deformation behavior of one of the important reinforced bridges in Egypt. The applied data for analysing the deformation of any structure from geodetic observations are the coordinates of several monitoring points distributed on the structure itself. The coordinates of these points are calculated with respect to control fixed points. So any deviations in the control points coordinates between the two successive epochs of observations will affect the values of structural deformation. To overcome this shortage, applying the multi-parameter transformation will be studied in this paper for structural health monitoring of bridges. Statistical tests using F-Fisher criterion with a confidence level of 98% of the geodetic observations for bridge deformation values are also presented. The results of the practical measurements, analysis of the interesting deformation technique and traffic flow around the studied highway bridge are also presented. The resulting structural deformation values from statistical tests provide a significant improvement of understanding and prediction the structure deformation values of highway bridges.

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Beshr, A. (2015) Structural Deformation Monitoring and Analysis of Highway Bridge Using Accurate Geodetic Techniques. Engineering, 7, 488-498. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.78045.

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