Thermal and FT-IR Properties of Semiconducting SnO2-PbO-V2O5 Glass System

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Melt quenched “SnO2(50-x)PbO:50V2O5” glass system containing x = 5, 10, 15 in molar ratio has been investigated. Effects of heating rate, glass transition, crystallization, melting temperature and infrared spectra of SnO2 substituted PbO-V2O5 glass system are reported. XRD results show that perfect vitrification has been achieved for all the glass samples after annealing at 150°C. DSC results have indicated that eutectic composition of the lead metavanadate has been maintained for all the glass systems up to 15 mole% of substitution. IR spectra for a SnO2 substitution of 5 mole% V=O stretching frequency occur at 966 cm-1 without appearance of any additional peak. But for 10 mole% and 15 mole% SnO2 substituted samples, additional peaks appear at 1023 and 1005 cm-1 indicating the effect of SnO2 in the vanadate crystalline matrix such that there is an elongation of V=O bond. Since the crystalline matrix is affected, we can expect similar effect in the glass matrix also.

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Rao, P. and Vasundhara, B. (2015) Thermal and FT-IR Properties of Semiconducting SnO2-PbO-V2O5 Glass System. New Journal of Glass and Ceramics, 5, 53-58. doi: 10.4236/njgc.2015.53007.

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