Suggested Strategies in Water Treatment by Using Situ Pressure in Reverse Osmosis


Nowadays desalination is one of the main resources to obtain water in many areas. The most advanced method for water filtration is reverse osmosis. In this system, water is injected into semi-membranes by using power pumping, and its salt water is taken away from the solution. This paper has tried to offer guidelines to use the pressure created in situ of harvesting water, instead of utilizing power pump, which produces the necessary pressure for the reverse osmosis. These guidelines have been divided into 2 main groups: Using the created natural pressure, and the other way is using the pressures that are caused by the constructions built for harvesting water.

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Norouzi, S. (2015) Suggested Strategies in Water Treatment by Using Situ Pressure in Reverse Osmosis. Open Journal of Geology, 5, 367-373. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2015.55033.

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