Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the First Example of a Tris-Chelated Co(II) Complex Based on Oxamide Dioxime Ligand


A new cobalt(II) complex, [Co(H2 oxado)3 ]C2 O4 H2 oxado·2H2 O (H2 oxado = oxamide dioxime), has been synthesized in aqueous solution and characterized by elemental analysis and single crystal X-ray structure determination. The complex crystallizes in the triclinic space group P-1, with the parameters a = 9.46(4), b = 11.84(5), c = 12. 81(5) Å, α = 104.94(6), β = 99.29(5), γ = 106.73(5), V = 1284(9) Å3, Z = 2. The central cobalt(II) cation is pseudo-octahedrally coordinated by six imino N atoms of the neutral oxamide dioxime ligand. In the solid state, each of the following bricks, namely the cationic complexes, the oxalate dianions as well as the oxamide dioxime crystallization molecules, pile up parallel to the a axis. The bulk structure is consolidated by an extended three-dimensional network of hydrogen bridgings—that link the ionic partners, oxamide dioxime and water molecules to one another—and by coulombic interactions.

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Bebga, G. , Nfor, E. , Mbiangué, Y. , Djonwouo, P. and Nenwa, J. (2015) Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the First Example of a Tris-Chelated Co(II) Complex Based on Oxamide Dioxime Ligand. Crystal Structure Theory and Applications, 4, 9-15. doi: 10.4236/csta.2015.42002.

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