Assessment of strategic management practice of malaria control in the dangme west district, GhanaArticle submitted to the west african college of nursing for the award of a fellow
Adelaide Maria Ansah Ofei
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Strategic management (SM) practice was as-sessed in all HCFs both in the public and private and some chemical shops within the Dangme West district using semi-structured question-naires. In-depth interviews were carried out with healthcare managers in their clinical setting. The study utilized both qualitative and quantitative methods in describing the SM practice. Healthcare managers were using all the elements of SM in the management of malaria but these were not holistically coordinated. Present were short ranged informal planning based on the objectives of NMCP and day-to-day operation of the HCFs especially with Ghana Health Service facilities. Due to homogenous nature of Dangme West district, management of culture wasn’t given much attention by healthcare managers though healthcare providers were acutely aware of its importance to quality service delivery. Competition was woefully absent in the healthcare environment. No formal structure has been created for the management of malaria control activities with the exception of the involvement of Community Based agents. The district was widely implementing all the strategies of the NMCP with favourable outcomes.

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Ofei, A. (2011) Assessment of strategic management practice of malaria control in the dangme west district, GhanaArticle submitted to the west african college of nursing for the award of a fellow. Health, 3, 343-356. doi: 10.4236/health.2011.36059.

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