Spectrophotometric Characterization of the Complex Generated in Solution for the Reaction of H[Ru(III)Cl2(H2EDTA)] Complex with AETS Modifier Agent


Spectrophotometric method was used to evaluate the kinetic of the complex formation from the reaction between H[Ru(III)Cl2(H2EDTA)] and the modifier agent [3-(2-aminoethyl)aminopropyl] trimethoxysilane (AEATS) (μ = 0.50 mol.dm-3 with NaCF3COO, 298.15 K), in pseudo-first order conditions. These studies showed that the reactions are successives producing several species influenced by the concentrations ratio. The electronics spectrum of all solutions showed a band in 457 nm with variable molar absorptivity (ε).

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Lazarin, A. and Sernaglia, R. (2014) Spectrophotometric Characterization of the Complex Generated in Solution for the Reaction of H[Ru(III)Cl2(H2EDTA)] Complex with AETS Modifier Agent. Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications, 3, 37-43. doi: 10.4236/ojsta.2014.34006.

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