Multilayer GaAs-Based Heterostructures with Holographic Concentrator for Solar Cells


The present paper studies the issue of forming a diffraction concentrator in the form of relief diffraction gratings. The possibility of their application for solar energy systems based on GaAs heterostructures has been studied. It was shown that the use of diffractive and holographic concentrators proves to be very effective, since they provide for the increased radiant flux onto sensitive surface of the solar cell, whereas no automatic solar tracker is required. This will create novel approaches for a wide range application of gallium arsenide solar cells.

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Tahirovich, A. , Alimdjanovna, A. , Shavkatovich, M. , Abdullayevich, M. , Ivanovich, R. , Faritovich, T. and Aminovich, K. (2014) Multilayer GaAs-Based Heterostructures with Holographic Concentrator for Solar Cells. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 871-875. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.512088.

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