Statistical Tools for Estimation of Threshold Values at Data Classification Task Solution


The paper contains a summary of some results of original research total aggregates. The main idea is determining the boundaries of the groups for classification of fuzzy and threshold aggregates using the method of decomposing a mixture of probability distributions. The article presents the experience of partitions of a real aggregate as a finite mixture of probability distributions on private aggregates. Threshold value defined by the boundaries of private aggregates, will match the value of the phenomenon at the intersection of the curves of probability distributions, which extracted from the mixture. The proposed scheme of identification threshold aggregates has found practical application in the research of aggregate of Russian employees by level of payroll and establishing the optimal minimum value monthly wage. The official data of the Federal State Statistics Service were used.

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Glinskiy, V. , Serga, L. , Chemezova, E. and Zaykov, K. (2014) Statistical Tools for Estimation of Threshold Values at Data Classification Task Solution. Open Journal of Statistics, 4, 736-741. doi: 10.4236/ojs.2014.49068.

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