Fresh Groundwater Resources in Georgia and Management Problems


As it is known fresh water represents conditioned factor for human body’s life. That’s why the superiority of drinking water is recognized as human body’s priority according to the international declarations. World is experiencing deficit of quality water. Natural Disasters caused by the pollution of the fresh ground water is also very painful and acute, because it needed more time, more material and financial means for the liquidation of their results, and what the most important practically is, it is impossible to renew the initial natural conditions completely. All these conditions that the rational use of fresh ground water passed by the interests of separate countries and became worldwide, international problem-fresh water became as considerable raw material for the worlds import and export. Future prognosis is disturbingaccording to the data of UN for 2025 year 2/3 of world population will be under the water deficit conditions. Above-mentioned shows how important fresh water is for humanity. Below we present briefly review about the situation of fresh ground water resources and the analysis of the problems in transboundary artesian basins of Georgia.

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Gaprindashvili, G. and Gaprindashvili, M. (2014) Fresh Groundwater Resources in Georgia and Management Problems. International Journal of Geosciences, 5, 877-881. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2014.59077.

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