Physical and Chemical Properties and Crystal Structure Transformation of Beeswax during Heat Treatment


The object of research is the wax as a waste product of bees in the steppe and mountain areas of Almaty region of Kazakhstan. Purpose: To study the structure parameters and the homologous phase composition, morphology waxes of alpine and mountain areas of Kazakhstan and the establishment temperature-dependent patterns of their atomic-crystalline state. Methods: Radiography, gas chromatography, scanning electron microscopy and chemical methods of separation of multicomponent systems. The results were obtained in the atomic crystal and molecular structures of beeswax depending on the districts collecting materials. The technique of obtaining radiographs after dissolving beeswax in benzene, hexane and xylene was used. Submitted thermo-radiographic study samples were obtained. Batch analysis thermo-radiographs waxes after treatment with benzene, hexane and xylene showed that their structure is essentially different from the source and closer to the spectra of the crystallized wax melted and due to annihilation of stacking faults waxes native atoms after their dissolution in hexane, benzene and xylene and subsequent their recrystallization. The results obtained allow expanding the amount of information on the physico-chemical processes and structural transformations in beeswax as a composite of different genesis biomaterial. Scope: Beekeeping, plant, structural and analytical chemistry, biotechnology and biocomposites.

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Espolov, T. , Ukibayev, J. , Myrzakozha, D. , Perez-Lopez, P. and Ermolaev, Y. (2014) Physical and Chemical Properties and Crystal Structure Transformation of Beeswax during Heat Treatment. Natural Science, 6, 871-877. doi: 10.4236/ns.2014.611084.

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