Registration of Two Dental Panoramic Radiographs


In dental panoramic images, the information on physical changes of alveolar bone or jaw bone is very important to diagnose several diseases. To detect such change, it is useful to compare two panoramic x-ray images acquired at different times. These two images are usually acquired with different conditions in terms of the positioning of the dental arch, and thus these images can be impaired from some geometrical changes related to the scale of the panoramic images and deformation of the teeth and jaw bones. As a result of this, it is very hard to make an accurate registration. To cope with this issue, we developed a dedicated image registration method to match these two images by a newly introduced non-rigid transformation method and registration method using the cross-correlation of localized regions. We evaluated our proposed method with several sets of two images acquired with different geometrical conditions. The material evaluated in this study was a skull phantom. The results of these experiments showed the validity and intrinsic ability of our proposed method in clinical examinations.

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Ogawa, K. , Yamamoto, J. , Yanase, M. and Katsumata, A. (2014) Registration of Two Dental Panoramic Radiographs. Open Journal of Medical Imaging, 4, 4-13. doi: 10.4236/ojmi.2014.41002.

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