Proposal for a Future Internet Business Model and Regulatory Acts in a Technological Convergence Environment Supporting Continuity of QoS


The communications development requires interaction between converging heterogeneous technology environment, with quality and continuity of services to remain competitive. The full implementation of the Future Internet concept implies in the necessity to operate among heterogeneous technology platforms with continuity of QoS (Quality of Service), what leads to the necessity of an innovative business model to support it and new technical mechanisms of vertical handover to ensure the QoS continuity required and expected by final users but, mainly, perceived by them. An innovative business model that requires innovative QoS continuity mechanisms must consider technical and commercial interoperation among many telecommunication services providers, nationally and internationally based. This interaction demands clear rules to be followed by every player along the telecommunication services chain,i.e., it demands a set of regulation acts to guide them and allow their viability.

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Serra, A. , Battaglia, A. and Jr., M. (2013) Proposal for a Future Internet Business Model and Regulatory Acts in a Technological Convergence Environment Supporting Continuity of QoS. Communications and Network, 5, 544-548. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2098.

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