Performance Assessment for LTE-Advanced Networks with Uniform Fractional Guard Channel over Soft Frequency Reuse Scheme


Dropping probability of handoff calls and blocking probability of new calls are two important Quality of Service (QoS) measures for LTE-Advanced networks. Applying QoS for Cell edge users in soft frequency reuse scheme in LTE system is a challenge as they already suffer from limited resources. Assigning some resources for handover calls may enhance dropping probability but this is in price of degradation in the blocking probability for new calls in cell-edge. Uniform Fractional Guard Channel (UFGC) is a call admission policy that provides QoS without reserving resources for handover calls. In this paper, the performance of Soft Frequency Reuse (SFR) in presence of Uniform Fractional Guard Channel (UFGC) will be investigated using queuing analysis. The mathematical model and performance metrics will be deduced in this assessment. The impact of UFGC will be evaluated in edge and core part separately. Then the optimal value for the parameter of UFGC will be obtained to minimize the blocking probability of new calls with the constraint on the upper bound on the dropping probability of handoff calls.

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M. Safwat, H. El-Badawy, A. Yehya and H. El-Motaafy, "Performance Assessment for LTE-Advanced Networks with Uniform Fractional Guard Channel over Soft Frequency Reuse Scheme," Wireless Engineering and Technology, Vol. 4 No. 4, 2013, pp. 161-170. doi: 10.4236/wet.2013.44024.

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