The loess microstructure kinds and its seismic subsidence


The paper put forward a new method of loess microstructure analysis to determine whether the loess seismic subsidence deformation to be strong or weak. In the dryer and colder climatic conditions of northwest of China, the loess microstructure formed in certain conditions changed by the special climate and desert surroundings. According to its chemical element ratio (such as Si/Al, Ca/Fe, K/Al, Ca/Mg) and seismic subsidence, we could divide them into four kinds of microstructures: strong shear deformation microstructure(I); strong compaction deformation microstructure(II); the medium seismic subsidence microstructure(III); the low seismic subsidence microstructure(IV). It could generally judge and set deeply defense measures to seismic engineering.

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Wang, L. and Deng, J. (2013) The loess microstructure kinds and its seismic subsidence. Natural Science, 5, 792-795. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.57095.

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