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Approaching intermolecular interactions and membrane activity of taxol by FTIR Spectroscopy-implications for anticancer therapeutics

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We studied the incorporation of hydrophobic drug Taxol into a solid lipid matrices by FTIR spectroscopy. Lipid arrays containing different molar fractions of the drug were made and deposited on the spectrometer glass window substrates for obtaining multilayer stacks. The drug induced an alteration of lipid array spacings, indicating the drug-lipid recognition. Using excess amounts of Taxol provide information on extrapolations on its cellular solubility in biomembranes. The data obtained could be used further for developing novel anticancer drug formulations, as well as for elucidating its novel cellular pharmacological targets.

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Erhan Süleymanoglu, E. (2010) Approaching intermolecular interactions and membrane activity of taxol by FTIR Spectroscopy-implications for anticancer therapeutics. Health, 2, 832-835. doi: 10.4236/health.2010.28125.


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