The Problem of Big Bang Matter vs. Antimatter Symmetry


The result of the spherically symmetrical Big Bang had to be equal amounts of matter and antimatter with the expectation of their mutual annihilation. The favored explanation for that not happening is that the original symmetry was skewed in favor of matter and the universe is now all matter, the antimatter having annihilated with an equal amount of matter. That skewed balance conflicts with a purely symmetrical Big Bang and is difficult to justify. Current investigations seek an innate violation of matter/antimatter symmetry sufficient to do so. An alternative maintaining the original symmetry is presented. The logic and mechanism of mutual annihilation is analyzed and shows that a total mutual annihilation of original matter and antimatter could not have occurred. Our present universe must contain equal amounts of both forms of matter between some particles of which mutual annihilations can occur at a modest rate. Current indication of detection of cosmic matter/antimatter mutual annihilations is Gamma Ray Bursts [GRB’s]. However, the conviction that the universe is now all matter with no antimatter has left that possibility rejected and uninvestigated and left standing the massive supernovae core collapse hypothesis for GRB’s. It has recently been reported 4 that the rate of GRB’s increases with red shift z over the range z = 0 - 4 as about (1 z)1.5. That is, the indication is that the rate increases significantly with time into the past at least back to the time corresponding to z = 4 [and probably back to the Big Bang]. That finding is inconsistent with the massive supernovae core collapse hypothesis for GRB’s and supports GRB’s being cosmic matter/antimatter mutual annihilations.

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Ellman, R. (2015) The Problem of Big Bang Matter vs. Antimatter Symmetry. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1102117.

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