Recurrent Parotitis: Extrapulmonary Manifestation of Childhood Tuberculosis


Recurrent parotitis of childhood is a rare condition involving the largest salivary gland. The aetiology is multi-factorial and is usually non-obstructive or non-suppurative type of inflammation. It involves recurrent swelling of the parotid gland unilaterally or bilaterally over a period of months to years. Tuberculosis rarely involves the parotid gland, however in developing countries where tuberculosis prevalence is very high, any child with recurrent parotitis should be investigated for the same. We hereby, describe a 2 and half-year-old female child with recurrent parotid gland swelling below the right ear since 6 months. The swelling was acute in onset, gradually increasing in size with no discharge or pain. There was no history of fever, cough, cold, dryness of mouth or eyes, joint pain or rashes. There was history of koch’s contact in the maternal grandfather. A positive mantoux test and significant cervical lymphandenaopathy on Computed Tomography scan was noted. Common causes of recurrent parotitis, i.e. sjogrens syndrome, immunodeficiency and obstruction were ruled out. On the basis of the above history and investigations, the child was diagnosed as tuberculous parotitis.

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Lahiri, K. , Najmuddin, F. , Rai, R. , Patel, I. , Shukla, K. and Avasthi, K. (2015) Recurrent Parotitis: Extrapulmonary Manifestation of Childhood Tuberculosis. Journal of Tuberculosis Research, 3, 122-125. doi: 10.4236/jtr.2015.34018.

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