Knowledge-Based Economy as a Basis for the Long-Term Strategy of the Development of the Society


This article is devoted to the research of theoretical and methodological aspects of economy of knowledge formation. The emphasis is laid on the evolution of knowledge as the main reason of any changes which take place in the society. Scientific knowledge is considered as the key resource of creating social wealth; and the process of its production—as an indissoluble processing chain which consists of spiritual, informative and material production. Such approach brings about the necessity of drastic review of the whole system of economic categories and grounds in it models, methods, criteria and exponents. Authorial conception of economy of knowledge is suggested. It is based on three main principles: 1) the unity of economic field; 2) preferred development of spiritual production; 3) accordance of controlling mechanism and effectiveness exponents to the peculiarities of goods of any production.

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Pilipenko, E. (2015) Knowledge-Based Economy as a Basis for the Long-Term Strategy of the Development of the Society. Modern Economy, 6, 888-894. doi: 10.4236/me.2015.68084.

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