Optimal Minimum Number of CT Slices Required to Measure Cross Sectional Areas of Small Pulmonary Vessels


The cross-sectional area (CSA) of small pulmonary vessels can be quantified by CT, which is a reliable method of evaluating vascular alterations in such vessels. However, the optimal number of slices required for accurate quantitation remains unknown. We evaluated relationships among all slices at 10-mm interval and all slices at 3-cm interval, 6-cm interval, and 3-slices and found the closest correlation (0.939) between all slices at 10-mm intervals and 3-cm intervals. Thus, all slices at 3-cm intervals are suitable for accurately measuring CSA.

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Sakamoto, S. , Matsushita, S. , Kotoku, A. , Tomita, H. , Saito, Y. , Saruya, S. , Matsuoka, S. , Yamashiro, T. , Fujikawa, A. , Yagihashi, K. and Nakajima, Y. (2015) Optimal Minimum Number of CT Slices Required to Measure Cross Sectional Areas of Small Pulmonary Vessels. Open Journal of Medical Imaging, 5, 71-77. doi: 10.4236/ojmi.2015.52011.

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